The Harvest Dispatch, Moringa Moringa

Welcome to week 2 of the Harvest Dispatch! It's the second verse, nearly same as the first, for this October CSA. The photos below show today's harvest, and everyone is receiving some delicious combination of what you see here, all sown and grown with love.

Friendly reminder that November CSA shares begin next Tuesday! If you just paid through October and have not yet confirmed your membership for the next month, please do send a note to so that I may be sure to save your spot!

(Click on the image to enlarge, and scroll over it with your cursor to see the varietal.)

So last week, many of y'all may or may not have been confounded by the delicate, little feathery stalks in your shares. This, my friend, would be the one and only Moringa "Miracle" Tree. I fell in love with this tree just over a year ago when a friend offered me some seeds in exchange for growing her a few. I'm now slowly cultivating my own little Moringa orchard to share. Not only is it an incredibly nutritious addition to your diet (think protein-mineral-vitamin-power-punch), but it's a beneficial habitat plant for the farm, too. All the little froggies, lizards, spiders, lady beetles, honey bees, butterflies, microbes, bacteria, fungi, roly-polies, and every-little-buggy in between are stretched out, basking in the fading glow of this gorgeous autumn sunset, as I sit here typing away, thinking 'thank yoooooou' for appreciating Moringa, too.

In addition to loving it for all that it does to help my soil and my farm ecology, though, I do love to eat Moringa, too. In a pinch, it does great mixed in with my scrambled eggs in the morning, blended in a fruit juice or smoothie, and freshly topping pasta or pizza. As you'll come to know, or may perhaps already be very aware, I am also a pesto fanatic, and these Moringa leaves make a great supplemental ingredient when basil may be lacking. Here are some recipes to help spark your creativity in the kitchen. And, if you feel so inspired, please send me your photos and recipes from dinner time this week!

Last, but not least...

Lady Basil returns once again this week in all her many forms for your CSA share delight! Did you get a chance last week to taste the different flavors in your basil bunch? I highly recommend it; each varietal offers something truly unique to the pallet.

While bumbling around on the internet, I found this recipe for Lemongrass Basil pesto. Check it out maybe, and let me know what you think?
(Psst... groundnut oil is just a snotty way of saying peanut oil, but use whatever oil you please!)


Until next week!

With love,
Farmer Becca