The Harvest Dispatch, It's Salad Season Y'all!


Seriously, when was the last time you enjoyed a badass salad without stupid iceberg or romain involved in the equation? These common varietals became popular because they were able to be transported without issue- super cool, greens transported to the masses- but now we have an opportunity to demand a higher standard. That standard is ANYTHING (green)your local farmer grows this time of year (through April/June PS homies). Our farm friends are eating their greens with just olive oil and salt+pepper, or with a smidgen of balsamic, or with caesar dressing, or seriously whatever the heck type of dressing makes you the happiest camper in the world!

Also, all that talk about Roselle calyces that I've been raging on... they're here!!! Drink them in a tea, roast them in a pasta or risotto OR just pop them in your mouth, seriously. Don't even think twice.

THEN ALSO, (I know, whaaaat?) We have gherkins. GHERKINS?!?!?!?!? YES! Gherkins are West Indies' cucumbers, so please indulge eating them raw or even cooked like squash. I promise that you absolutely cannot go wrong with these loves. And the more you enjoy, the better our summer soil feels. (She's a groovy cover crop, turns out!) 

And then, as if the above weren't an overload, we also have our mature turnip greens (but cut this recipe down to about 1/4 the original!).  The ones you're receiving this week in your farm share are more mature than the original thinning harvest, but they have the same great taste. I would recommend cooking them into a pasta or sauté for first time farm chefs, but if you already have a taste for turnip greens, don't be shy about putting them into your salads! Buen provecho, y'all.

Farmer Becca