The Harvest Dispatch, Go Home Summer You're Drunk

Such a peculiar season we're enjoying. At least we're enjoying now, yes? It amazes me that peppers continue flowering alongside papaya, tomatoes, and cucumbers while my radish, mustard, and broccoli crops flourish in the fields. This must be what it's like to live through a New England summer. I have always been curious how it happens that all the plants may grow simultaneously. Now we know. So, this week we continue to enjoy our seasonally confused CSA!

I'd like to point y'all to this particularly delicious recipe for Roselle from a recent edition of Edible Houston: Quinoa with Chevre and Candied Roselle. And don't be frightened by the recipe name! "Candied roselle" is really just boiling the calyces in some sugar water for 15 minutes before you use it in the final recipe, so give it a whirl and surprise yourself!

The new comer to your farm share this evening is the most-delectable broccoli raab greens. You know what this means? Broccoli shoots are around the corner, my friends! As for the greens this week, they are yet another product of our crop thinning process and as such are still fairly tender. Enjoy in a salad for just a quick-n-easy meal or you can cook them into your favorite dishes, too. I personally love them shredded and used to top a homemade pizza. Just throw them on 5-7 minutes before you're going to take the pi out of your oven.

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With love,
Farmer Becca