The Harvest Dispatch, Winter Greens Abound

In true Texas form, we've enjoyed our first real freeze just days after a sudden departure from summer time temperatures. Saturday night we fell from the 80's to the 40's within an hour, and Sunday night brought a solid 10 hours of sub-25 degree temperatures in Hempstead. 'Tis the nature of farming around the Gulf Coast, though! For the most part, our plants survived with only a tinge of frost bite. Surprisingly the young plants faired considerably better than or more mature crops, so we still have plenty of mustards, lettuce, onions, and rapini on the way. Everything else will be scrapped towards compost or a feast for our chickens!

Here are some of our winter survivors from this week. This will most likely be our last round of Daikon, unless temperatures even out for a stretch. We'll keep seeding plenty of arugula, kale, and collards to feed our Houston community through the springtime!

As always, don't forget to drop us a line if you happen to cook something you feel particularly inspired by! We love to hear from y'all! Buen provecho!

With love,
Farmer Becca