The Harvest Dispatch, Just Gotta Hold On

Hello! I'm glad you made it here. I hope you have had a good day. Or maybe today was a wonky day, a tremendous day, a ridiculous I-quit-my-job-oh-wait-I-love-my-job kind of day. It happens to the best of us. It happened to me today. And I'm reminded...

Oh you got to
hold on, hold on
You really got to hold on,
Take my hand, I'm standing right here

And just hold on.

Yes, thank you, Tom Waits. We all just need a little reassurance now and again.

That being stated, the reason I never stop moving forward in spite of hesitations or insecurities is because of your support and enthusiasm. I'm just going to put it out there and say Sown & Grown seriously has the most clutch farmily ever. YES, that means you.

Thank you.

Sooooooooooooooooo, much going on, the farm being in a strange transition between winter, oh wait not winter at all, oh but wait WINTER, oh winter? We are indeed staying busy bees on the farm, planting and a-planting, and and and!!! Then the greenhouse tried to blow away in this wind tonight (I mean seriously, this WIND), so this dispatch is going to be unusually short and sweet. I also forgot to take a picture of the fennel you received today. (Mea culpa!) It's the one that looks like dill... kind of bulb-ey at the bottom and then it fans out it's green arms to delicate little spriggy-leaves. It tastes a bit sweet, a bit unusual (think anise, licorice sometimes). If you like the flavor raw, go ahead and toss it in a salad. Personally, though, I really like it roasted... oh, say on top of potatoes and parsnips and beets and carrots! (Which can currently all be found at local Houston area farmers markets these days in case you are cuuuuuurious!)

Here's what we've got tonight, sans fennel:

If you have any questions or are just wanting more information, please do send me a message!

And just hold on, hold on.

With love,
Farmer Becca