The Harvest Dispatch, Foraged Favorites

Foraging for wild onions, a favorite rite of passage into spring time in our fair city. You'll find a little tasting of these treats in your herb bundle this week. Just a bit sweet with hints of spicy, she's a delicate one. Fine for cooking, best enjoyed raw for those brave hearts. And, please, whatever you do, be sure to eat the flowers. They have a special majesty about them. I harvested these in and around the Sown & Grown bog; They're growing abundantly, whimsically, joyfully, and magically. I hope you will enjoy.

Some Notes On foraging, Garlic (and Onion) Season

1. Everything is wild. Acknowledge that all things have their own life, completely interdependent but also completely independent of your own, and then even food planted by your own hand is wild.

2. Harvesting is foraging, foraging is harvesting. Seeing the onion see you back is foraging. Seeing all food as your food wherever it may be is harvesting.

On Foraging, Taproot Magazine: Wild Edition

In addition to our foraged delights this week, we filled the farm shares with these beautiful bounties pictured below. You might notice that we finally have a variety of lettuces this week! I personally recommend chopping all the ingredients up into the most tremendous salad ever and then posting it to Instagram to the envy of all your foodie friends (then don't forget to tag @SownAndGrownHTX.. No ulterior motive here, nope!)

Everyone also received a mixed serving of mustard greens. The Komatsuma will be the most mild of the bunch, but at this point in the season I recommend eating all three varieties cooked... or very sparingly in a salad. Here and here are past dispatches regarding mustards. Honestly, these days have become so busy and wild at the farm that I'm enjoying all my cooking greens just barely sautéed in some butter (or bacon if it's really been a rough day) with salt and pepper mixed in with some fresh boiled wild rice. Just 1/2 cup of wild rice with anywhere from 1/3 to 1/2 cup mixed sautéed greens is more than enough to fill me up after a long day. If you make that 1 and 1 cup each, that's enough to feed 2 very hungry caterpillars or 3-4 just mildly hungry caterpillars.

Enjoy the bounty and buen provecho!

With love,
Farmer Becca