The Harvest Dispatch, Serenity

Cloudy skies soothe on harvest days. Even the tiniest bee would pause on a rat's tail radish to breath and, perhaps, appreciate a moment of zen in the breeze. Serenity enjoying the days just as they come, just as they are. (I'll be working on that this summer.)

In other news, farm shares contain the following delights this week!

Loads of sorrel with smatterings of everything else. Our kohlrabis didn't particularly make this year, but we've harvested some of the little ones just for your tasting enjoyment. Eat the whole plant. It's mostly like kale in texture and flavor... the Red Winter Kale we've had before. You can shred the stem, leaves and bulb and enjoy raw or cook all of it. She's a mild green sure to compliment any dish. Here's a sweet lil' article on the kohlrabi veg, too.

Buen provecho!

With love,
Farmer Becca