The Harvest Dispatch, Summer Coming Along

Goodness gracious, summer is nigh and it's definitely showing at the farm these days. As crazy as it sounds (or perhaps not so crazy unfortunately), we're busy planting all our hot weather crops like amaranth, Thai red roselle, moringa, okra, and very soon sweet potatoes! The muscadines are leafing out and although they're young and we won't expect a full harvest this summer, it is still excited to see new growth and harvest potential! Also to note, we're nearing the end of April which means there will be another Volunteer day coming up the last Saturday of the month. If you have yet to visit the production farm, this is a great opportunity to do so and meet other members! So stay tuned for details!

This week's bounty includes a couple of delights from our friends at Finca Tres Robles again! The bunching onions are good for however you already use onions (raw and cooked), and the spearmint makes an incredible tea... or incredible mojitos, yeah?
Don't forget to visit Farmer Tommy at his markets:

Wednesdays 2-6 AND Fridays 9-1
257 N Greenwood 77011

Then everyone received a good smattering of a couple of different kales from the Sown & Grown production farm. You'll either find Lacinato paired with Dwarf Blue Curled OR Red Winter coupled with Siberian. All are fairly similar and good for raw salads or cooking up in a frying pan. In fact, I would actually recommend that you cook them with the Rat's Tail radish pictured below. Inside your bag there's a smaller bag... yes... with just a little tasting of these bad boys because they're on their way out at this point in the season. Like a mature bean with the flavor of a radish (yes, SPICY), I would definitely recommend cooking them to help tenderize. Snip both ends off the bean (like you would a greenbean), dice them up, and enjoy in a nice sauté with the above kale or whatever else you may have up your sleeve. My preference? Keep it simple with just a little olive oil, garlic, those bunching onions above, and some salt and pepper. If you want to cut the heat of the Rat's Tail, throwing in a bit of vinegar, citrus, or soy sauce will really handle the situation for you. (And if you create something totally new and awesome, please send me a photo so that I can post it on the blog!)

And then there are these usual suspects at your service...

One of our members messaged me with a delicious recipe! The Royal Potato Salad (3rd down) is great for the sorrel, dill, and maybe even spearmint this week! Let me know what you think, though, farmily!

Buen provecho!

With love,
Farmer Becca