The Harvest Dispatch, Into the Rabbit Hole

Hi, Houston, I hope this Dispatch finds you well. That you and your loves may be safe and sound. We experienced a tremendous storm in the East End around Houston Makerspace... over 5 inches overnight. The farm slipped by slightly less scathed with just over 4 inches this flooding. Still, nothing short of humbling. Thank you for your messages. We were soggy, but not entirely swamped by Tuesday morning which is an incredible relief. Our berms and swales held true and kept the rains from completely water logging the vegetables. We were by all accounts, just damn lucky though. Many others were not. My heart goes out to anyone suffering from the havoc of the storms Sunday night and Monday. Here are some resources for anyone in need. Please take care.

As a result of the torrential rains and their consequences... exhausted plants and snail smorgasbord... this week happens to be a particularly abundant CSA farm share. Harvest bounties a plenty coupled with a bit of triage. By cleaning up the wounded vegetables, we were able to refocus plants' energies towards their most productive ends and mitigate against excessive agitation and stress. We encouraged root development and photosynthesis. As long as weather ceases to ambush our efforts, the plants will recover completely and potentially grow to become even more productive as a result. In the short term, however, this will require maintaining a keen eye towards the subtle hints and gentle whispers plants display through their recovery period. Thus, for the moment CSA harvests may become a bit lighter in order to better secure the longevity of the crops for the rest of our spring season. Thus is the rabbit hole of farming.

By this point, most assuredly you've heard me refer to Community Supported Agriculture as the backbone of Sown & Grown Farms. Or noticed my intentional misspelling of farm-ily. I don't do so lightly. Farming is a labor of intense love and passion. Belonging to a CSA farm share is a significant act of solidarity and compassion. I so appreciate and honor your commitment to supporting urban agriculture in our Houston city. In times of surplus and scarcity alike, it is you who champion the farm efforts and help keep us persevering. And persevere we do, we will, we already are. Compost tea has been put out to field, plantings continue as scheduled, and the crops maintain. This spring season will carry on deliciously into summer, of that much I am certain. Thank you for believing in us.

So, without further ado, this week's bounty includes...

The onions in your share are once again from our brothers at Finca Tres Robles. Everything else was harvested at the Sown & Grown production farm. In addition to the above, you will find either/or...

And last, but not least, you will all find a little bunch of Mexican Mint Marigold, otherwise known as Texas Tarragon. I personally love it in a hot tea at the end of a long day. Baking it into a loaf of homemade bread is also a delicious use. Here are some other ideas for your culinary amusement...

Texas Tarragon Vinegar

Growing, Preserving, & Recipes

Mexican Mint Marigold Liqueur

Dijon Chicken

Buen provecho!

With love,
Farmer Becca