The Harvest Dispatch, Sowing and Growing, Growing, Growing!!!

Welcome to just another, very typical, pretty just plain-jane regular, nothing special nope siree, same-old-same-old Harvest Dispatch... OH WAIT WE JUST EXPANDED TO OUR SECOND CSA DROP LOCATION FINALLY WHAAAAAAAAAAT!!!?!!?!!?!
Can I get a hell yeah! folks? This has been a long time coming and a lot of hard work making this first stage of Sown & Grown CSA expansion a reality. Tireless days, countless hours, multitudes of friends' hands and hearts into this project and we've finally arrived.


Our CSA drop offs are now located at both Houston Makerspace AND Hydroshack Hydroponics every Tuesday evening. If you're reading this and you don't already receive sown-and-grown-with-love deliciousness, email me to find out how you can start getting this goodness into your life. If you're still on the waitlist, you'll be hearing from me by the end of the week with your first pick-up date. We're sowing and growing, growing, growing as fast as our little roots can!

Which brings me to the second order of business: Farmer Tommy and Finca Tres Robles.

This photo is from 26 weeks ago. It is a photo of Farmer Tommy and his crew that he brought out with him one morning to help me with Phase 1 of rebuilding the farm after the infamous Memorial Day flood. This was neither the first nor the last time that Farmer Tommy has come to my aid and helped me conquer a seemingly insurmountable project. Farmer Tommy is one of the best human beings I know. Period.

So, why am I mentioning all this about how awesome Farmer Tommy (and his lovely farm manager, Alanah, of course) and Finca Tres Robles is? Because knowing that I have been concerned about the wellbeing of the plants and potentially over-harvesting with this expansion today, he generously offered some of his farm's surplus in order to help me ensure everyone a full CSA farm share. If you received a farm share this evening, you probably noticed this note:

In Sown & Grown's time of transition and expansion, surplus produce generously provided by Farmer Tommy of:
Finca Tres Robles
You can find them at their on-farm markets:
Wednesdays 2-6 AND Fridays 9-1
257 N Greenwood 77011
Please see this evening's post from The Harvest Dispatch for more information regarding today's CSA and the surplus:

If you happen to already know Farmer Tommy, or if you happen to now go visit him at on of their on-farm markets (seriously, do go cause it's awesome) please give him a big fat bear hug and say it's from the Sown & Grown farmily because the truth is we wouldn't be here without his support and without the support of everyone from Finca.
Here's what Finca offered us today:

And here's what came from Sown & Grown:

My suggestions? All of the above is great munched-up into a big salad with a grapefruit vinaigrette dressing. Otherwise, cook the kale in a sauté (sub grapefruit for OJ why not?) while frying up some fish and make a yummy tarter sauce with the dill and parsley. Or make tabouli (and try quinoa instead of cous-cous perhaps). Or make a parsley pesto with some delish Texas pecans instead of pine nuts! Sky's the limit!!

And don't forget that love affair between our sorrel and grapefruit...
(Pro-tip, I added fennel and dill last time I prepared this and it was divine!)

Buen provecho!

With love,
Farmer Becca