The Harvest Dispatch, Zinnia Love

WOWIE we're rampaging into the month of June, farmily! I hope this Dispatch finds you well and dried out from all our downpours last week. But wait, there's more... drenching coming our way that is. Stay safe out there on the roads for the rest of the week. It's going to be a wet one again. And please, remember: Turn around, don't drown.

That being stated, in our first order of business is the Finca Tres Robles Taste of Spring dinner rescheduled! Cross your fingers that we get a little bit luckier this time 'round and make it through without too much water in our wellies. The dinner benefits both Finca and Sown & Grown, so if you haven't already made plans, we'd love to see you this Saturday evening! And tell all your buddies to help us spread the word, wontcha??

And now for out CSA farm share delights!

We're winding down our kale in the next couple of weeks as summer takes a firm hold on our weather patterns. We'll be swapping into summer fruits and greens like okra, cucumbers, amaranth, and beans... which, speaking of beans, we harvested our first little crop of Provider bush beans this morning in an effort to encourage fuller plant growth and prolific production! This is only a taste of the beginning. All kinds of crazy beans will be headed into your shares throughout the months of June and July so stay tuned!

Our little herb bundle this week consists of Oregano, Russian Tarragon (both excellent for Italian and Mexican dishes in particular), and some sweet lil' Persian Carpet Zinnia flowers! We grow them on the farm for our butterfly friends in particular, but hope you may enjoy them as well. They are a dwarfed varietal, so a bit smaller than a traditional zinnia plant. The flowers are edible and I thought this article had some interesting ideas to munch on, but you can also just keep them in a glass of water on your kitchen windowsill. They are magnificent little showpieces.

Until next week, buen provecho farmily!

With love,
Farmer Becca