The Harvest Dispatch, Bounties

Bounties upon bounties blooming at Sown & Grown. Today I am feeling particularly grateful for farming, for having the honor of farming for my Houston community. In three quick parts...

Part I: In which Sown & Grown receives its first write-up in a publication!
No kidding, folks, we have our first official article out in the May/June edition of Edible Houston!!! All the thanks to Edible Houston for the love and support. A huge farm hug and much love also goes out to Ellie Loveman, author of the article and dear friend to Sown & Grown. Check out the article online here! Please feel free to share with friends!

Part II: The Greenhouse Lift-kit!
Some of you may already know, but for those who haven't yet heard the news, Sown & Grown has officially hired her first full time employee! Michael-rhizae (for you soil nerds, thanks Nell), aka Michael, has been working with us part time since February and has been full-time for the last three weeks. Shower him in high-fives and smiles when you see him around the farm, Makerspace, etc, because we're tremendously stoked to have him aboard. He's already helped us conquer the greenhouse challenge: vertical expansion. Check it out:

What you're looking at is a greenhouse that is now at 3 times it's original capacity thanks to the Greenhouse Lift Kit Michael helped us mastermind. This means 3 times the capacity for starting farm veggies AND maintaining our retail seedling supply. (Just fyi, that's an 8 ft ladder you're looking at in the far right photo.) Come check out the new set up at Houston Makerspace when you have the chance! We got the good veg.

Part III: Observation, Awareness, Understanding, or Grateful for Bounties
You may have noticed an odd little herb rounding out your CSA farm share this week. This is Bee Balm Lemon and she is wonderful:

The farm has grown quite plentiful in oddities this spring season and I'd like to take part of the CSA every once and again to introduce you to something potentially strange, yet completely delightful. So this week, Bee Balm Lemon.

Depending on your busy schedules, you may want to take the simple route and hang her upside-down from your kitchen window blinds this evening and let her dry out to a sweet crisp. This ensures that she lasts as long as reasonably possible in your kitchen. As a dried herb, she's great in tea, as a marinade/dry rub, or sprinkled in a salad dressing. She's great for all that as a fresh herb too! You can also consider muddling her in an afternoon cocktail, garnishing sorbet, and mixing her into a fruit salad. Here are a few other ideas:

10 Ideas 
And a few more... 
Or seriously just make a mojito with the leaves

Then here are some usual suspects in the farm share this week. I would love to see what y'all are cooking up with this veg, so send me photos of your favorite dishes!

Buen provecho!

With love,
Farmer Becca