The Harvest Dispatch, From the Hot Heat

Hey y'all. Sorry about the delay this week and for keeping it short and sweet. I've been a bit under the weather unfortunately. Thanks to the awesomely hard-working Farmer Michael, though, we were able to hold down yesterday and he made CSA farm shares happen like magic. Next time you see him, give him an extra big smile and high five won't ya?

In other news, here's your CSA farm share update from the hot heat of Houston...

Green beans or cukes this week!

And our first summer week with Thai Red Roselle greens, an edible hibiscus. Many people are familiar with the red calixes this plant makes that's turned into the popular hibiscus tea, Jamaica (ha-mi-kah), but did you know you can also eat the greens? They're a great substitution for spinach in our hot summer months... just blanch them and add to your favorite pasta/quinoa/rice dish. I personally enjoy them shredded raw in my summer salads with tomatoes, cucumbers, and avocado. It's a similar flavor profile to sorrel, a little bit tart and a little bit lemony. As such, I do love it in a fruit salad with some Moringa thrown in there... Grilling for friends and family this summer? Peaches and watermelon are in season at the moment, so I'd pick some up from your local farmer's market and give that a whirl. Or you can check out this savvy little article I found a while back. And Farmer Michael is determined to figure out how to replace grape leaves with these beauties and make some Houston-style dolmas. Stay tuned. Buen provecho, farmily!

With love,
Farmer Becca