The Harvest Dispatch, Happy Summer Soltice

Happy Farm Share Tuesday y'all (and belated Summer Solstice)! In this week's CSA you'll find the following delights...

Ok so really truly this week is the FINAL week of kale for the summer harvest. We'll be sending you home with some really righteous greens still, just no more kale- greens like roselle, amaranth, burdock, and sweet potato greens. In fact, the amaranth bunch includes a new variety, Miriah, in addition to the Callaloo greens we introduced two weeks ago. Check out The Harvest Dispatch: Summer Abundance if you need a little refresher on these greens.

The only other new arrival this week is our Thai Sweet Basil. She's a staple in dishes like pho and pad Thai. I also really enjoy cooking this particular varietal with fish, lamb, or grains like quinoa and wild rice. Here are some other recipes I enjoy working off of:

Thai Chicken with Basil 
Thai Spicy Eggplant *

(*Farmer Tommy of Finca Tres Robles has excellent eggplant for sale every Sunday at the East End Street Market fyi!)

Buen provecho!

With love,
Farmer Becca