The Harvest Dispatch, Summer Abundance

Welcome to the first farm share of the June CSA at Sown & Grown, farmily! Thanks for continuing to support your neighborhood farmer. We sure do appreciate your commitment to urban farming. You may notice that we've made our transition into full on Houston summer time produce. This will most likely be the last week y'all receive kale in the share, but we'll be introducing you to some really unique and delicious greens that really enjoy our subtropical sun these next few months. This week brings Callaloo amaranth! All the details on this lovely lady follow below. Here's the scoop on your share:

Kales galore! For the *last* time this season. We still have some Red Winter and Dwarf Blue Curled that are holding steady in small quantities, but for the most part she's over and out. The herb bundle includes both Oregano Vulgare and Chocolate Mints. You'll immediately note a difference in their fragrance. Additionally, the Chocolate Mint has a slight purple tinge to the stem whereas the Oregano Vulgare is green all around. I love the mint in fruit salads, herbal teas, or on some (chocolate) ice cream. Oregano goes well on pretty much any dish... in my humble opinion... So sandwiches, salads, pastas, pizzas, rice, really the skies the limit here. Last but not least you'll find Moringa among our usual suspects. However, I must introduce to you one of my favorite summer greens, Amaranth.

This varietal is Callaloo and you'll meet several other unique varieties (each a bit different in texture and taste) throughout the summer months. The young (small) tender leaves are excellent to throw raw in a salad whereas the larger mature leaves are best when cooked. Callaloo is fairly mild so she's just a subtle addition to other flavors you incorporate. Here are some of my favorite recipe inspirations...
Simple Amaranth Sautee
Chaulai Dal (Lentil Amaranth Stew)
Black Beans w/ Amaranth
You can get fancy, but really keeping the cooking simple with some butter, garlic, and onions is my favorite (and quick in a pinch!) So what are you getting out of these greens anyway, though, right? Turns out these little leaves are packed with vitamins and minerals... a delightful little nutrition bomb to help you through the heat of the day. It's a great source of calcium, iron, magnesium, potassium, manganese, vitamin K, vitamin A, folate, and even some protein in there... just to name a few. (Here's the skinny broken down more science-y for you.) She's a good one for you, so eat your greens and delight!

This week you also either received a bag of green Provider beans or a few assorted cukes. Rest assured that both these crops are only now getting into the swing of things at the farm, so there are much larger harvest to come soon! In the meantime, I will begin a new blog series called Field Notes starting this Friday to keep farm friends up to date on the goings-on at Sown & Grown (progress, challenges, and milestones with pictures!), so please do check those out at Dispatches From the Field. Until then, buen provecho!

With love,
Farmer Becca