The Harvest Dispatch, Cookin' Cukes?!?

Oh blessed summer time. The heat's in full force and we're feeling it on the farm, but luckily our plants are loving it! Loads of leafy greens in this week's farm share- all of which are great for raw meals as well as cooking... moringa, basil, and roselle. Yes, roselle! You know what else happens to be good for cooking up... our cucumbers! As it turns out these Crystal Apple cucumbers are meaty and delicious, taking on the texture and consistency of eggplant when you cook them. I owe a big thank you to CSA member Tyson for coming up with the inspiration to cook these cukes. Ok, then, so how do you cook them right? We've got a new edition of The Quick & Dirty in Your Kitchen going up later tonight, featuring both roselle and cukes, so check that out for our recipe and general suggestions. In the meantime here's what we've got on tap this week...

Now, some members are receiving a harvest of Muncher cucumbers which are your traditional slicer/pickler cucumbers, no specific instructions required. For those of you receiving the Crystal Apple variety (pictured above and below), you probably noticed by now that they ain't your average cuke. This typically happens with open-pollinated varieties. Never fear! Here are some Sown & Grown tips for lovin' your new cuke friends:

  • Colors range from dark green to variegated (striped) to yellow tinted to OMG yellow! The green varieties tend to have more bitter seeds compared with the yellows. If you happen upon a more bitter one of the bunch, just core the cucumber like you would an apple. See below.
  • The sweeter harvests are lovely in a summer salad, but ALL of these cucumbers are great cooked up in your favorite stir-fry, pasta dish, or a simple sauté.

This version of the Crystal Apples (when the cucumber starts to take on a yellow tinge) is a slightly sweeter state and perfect for eating raw, seeds and all. Though, in general, if you aren't a seed person that's ok, too! The centers scoop out quite nicely (like cantaloupes) and you'll quickly be on your merry way chomping down on just the sweet flesh.

And don't forget to check out the newest edition of The Quick & Dirty in the Kitchen this evening! Buen provecho!

With love,
Farmer Becca