The Harvest Dispatch, Thank you Houston Makerspace

The last farm share of July has already come and gone. Our greens are as vibrant and delicious as ever, thriving in the heat. The rains this week offered respite to our weary soil. The farm perseveres. This week we're saying goodbye to our homestead at Houston Makerspace as she shuts her doors permanently this week. Makerspace became my second home, and the community became my family. Sown & Grown would most likely not exist today if it weren't for this tremendous organization and all the hearts, minds, and hands of the people who worked tirelessly everyday to help build a better place for us makers. We leave looking forward to exciting new progress, milestones, and adventures, but we will never forget our roots.

Here are our offerings for this week's farm share...

I recognize that it can be a bit overwhelming at times to create delicious meals from local produce in a pinch. If you're lucky, it can all be thrown in a salad with your favorite dressing and viola! If nothing else, perhaps a quick stir fry or veggie roast. For me personally, however, it always comes down to some version of an old favorite: the pesto. So for today's Harvest Dispatch, I documented this evening's pesto-making adventure using both the basil and the Moringa as the green base. For this pesto, you will need:

  • Basil leaves, and flowers are groovy too!
  • Summer greens, Moringa!
  • Olive oil
  • A few cloves of garlic
  • Parmesan cheese, as desired
  • Salt and pepper to taste
  • Food processor/blender/bullet/vitamix/etc to pulverize everything.

Some side notes: I didn't have any nuts in my pantry so I just didn't worry about adding them. (Pro-tip though, substituting pecans or almonds for pine nuts makes for deliciously unique pestos.) I also like to freeze pesto to keep it longer, so I made a huge batch tonight. If you were to use the amount of basil and Moringa you received in your farm shares today, you would yield approximately one serving of pesto, just fyi.

First I completely annihilated a bunch of garlic in the food processor, to ensure that it all was properly minced and able to be easily integrated into the pesto. Then I went back and forth adding a handful of basil and Moringa one at a time and blending (with a healthy spill of olive oil in between each handful). Once the greens were finished and I had reached an easily mixable consistency, I added my pre-shredded (from my cheese shredder) parmesan cheese, salt, and pepper. Blended the whole batch together and taste tested to make sure it was perfectly scrumptious before going into my ball jars. The thing to note with pesto is that you really can't mess it up. Don't be afraid to play around with proportions and mixes... sometimes a bit more salt or garlic goes a long way, sometimes it just needs more greens. Tomorrow morning I'll mix it into my scrambled eggs for breakfast. Perhaps I'll have some on a sandwich at lunch, and then as a garnish in soup for dinner (veggie soup or a creamy potato soup really pair well with this pesto). The thing is, no matter how you use it, pesto is delicious AND, in particular this pesto, nutritious!! Don't underestimate the power of those sweet little Moringa leaves...

(I also thought this was an interesting read.)

Just as a reminder, we'll be taking the next two weeks off from CSA farm shares to focus on some very important farm work, but we'll be back and look forward to seeing everyone the third Tuesday (8/16) in August. Until then, buen provecho!

With love,
Farmer Becca