The Harvest Dispatch, Happy Fourth!

Happy belated Fourth of July, y'all! I hope everyone enjoyed a lovely weekend and got to rest a spell. We're sailing through this summer season out at the farm and already planning our fall crop rotations. This week's share is still in full summer swing with several of our usual suspects in the mix... amaranth, roselle, and basils... but we've rotated in some MASSIVE cucumbers called 'Crystal Apples' and our figs are finally ripening!

Our cucumbers are a bit unusual, but don't let them fool you. They're extraordinarily hardy (hence the 'apple' part of Crystal Apple) and have a delightfully sweet flesh and skin. Just be forewarned, the seeds are extremely bitter when eaten raw. If you like to snack on fresh cukes, I would suggest slicing it up like an apple and cutting the core out to avoid the bitter seeds. However, with a good bunch of leafy greens and a sweet vinaigrette to top them off, I enjoy chopping the entirety of these cukes into a summer salad. Farmer Michael-rhizae had a great idea that perhaps the seeds may roast well with a bit of sea salt and olive oil. I'll be trying that myself tonight and will post the results... good bad and ugly... in the next edition of The Quick & Dirty in the Kitchen.

Buen provecho!

With love,
Farmer Becca