The Harvest Dispatch, Welcome Back!

Hey y'all, welcome back to the Sown & Grown CSA farm share! I know these summer months are especially brutal, but we do appreciate your support and dedication to our farm. This week we're introducing a few new delicious crops to our rotation: chile peppers, sweet potato greens, okra, and lemongrass! Read on for more culinary tips...

Chile Peppers- Tiny little critters, but beware! The skinny cayenne and the orange habanero are hot to boot but the green pepper should be nice and mild! Definitely take the seeds out if you prefer a more mild pepper. Use for flavoring in stir-fry, sautés, and curry.

Sweet Potato Greens- Cook these delicious greens and be amazed! I love them with scrambled eggs in the morning, but they also do well in soups, sautés, or even raw in salads (the younger leaves, according to Farmer Michael!).


Roselle Greens- Y'all already know the drill.

Lemongrass- Chop up the stem for a delicious afternoon/evening tea!

Basil- Make some super clutch pesto and put that pesto on EVERYTHING! It's also pretty excellent if you throw it in (at the very last minute) to a stir-fry, sauté, or curry.

 Hope you enjoy the bounty and we look forward to feeding y'all this fall season. Bueno provecho!

With love,
Farmer Becca