The Harvest Dispatch, On Sweet Potato Greens

Exciting news from the fields this week, folks. Our first crop rows were built and the first several thousand fall seedlings will be in the ground and growing by Friday. Yes, you heard correctly. The FIRST SEVERAL THOUSAND SEEDLINGS OF OUR FALL ROTATION will be in ground and growing into harvestable foods by this coming Friday! This means mustards and collards and cabbage and sorrel and kale and broccoli galore! Yeah, I'm celebrating too. In the meantime, though, we've still got bounties of these delicious summer crops for your culinary delight...

Sweet potato greens are by far one of the reasons I can still stand to make it through our Houston summer. She's a tender, mild, spinach-like green that vines out from the sweet potato tuber. There's no harm to the potato caused by harvesting the greens (always in moderation!) and she tends to stray away from her designated garden bed or row, so by harvesting, you help keep her appropriately pruned. Turns out she also happens to be a pretty nutritious addition to any meal. Last week, I grabbed some left over leaves from off the vine, tore them up into a skillet with just a bit of butter to start, squeezed one orange into the pan with a bit of its zest and allowed everything to simmer until the greens were completely wilted. (Just about 5 minutes!) Add salt and pepper to taste and you have a perfect little dinner. Throw in some seasonal okra or eggplant (or bacon or sausage?) and you have a pretty epic meal that saves great as leftovers, too! Let me know what you're cooking this week with your shares and I'll post it to next week's Harvest Dispatch. Buen provecho!

With love,
Farmer Becca