Urban at Heart

Houston, we have tremendous news!

It is with much anticipation and great excitement that I announce Sown & Grown's new farm collaboration with Blackwood Educational Land Institute. As of this fall season, we will be moving all of Sown & Grown's production to our new digs, just 45 minutes NW of Houston near Hempstead, TX. Sown & Grown is still very much urban at heart, and we plan on returning to Houston. In the meantime, this new collaboration will allow time and space for growth we couldn't achieve prior as we step into a bigger role as a comprehensive education and production farm. This investment will support Blackwood's mission to grow from teaching farm to the leading model of sustainable and natural agriculture for our entire Gulf Coast region while simultaneously facilitating Sown & Grown's project towards building a permanent farmstead home within the City of Houston.

Community is the foundation of farming and at the heart of both Blackwood and Sown & Grown is the charge to grow good food for our people. We will continue to farm with compassion; we will continue to make good, clean produce affordable and accessible for all persons; we will continue to educate, facilitate, and empower our community to become involved in their food system, from seed to meal. Blackwood embodies these very philosophies we hold so dear to our little farmer hearts. Their mission, 'to co-create better ways to grow and source food, eat and liveā€”that restore the natural systems, public health, animal welfare, and celebrate all it means to be human', resonates with all that is natural, compassionate, and community farming at Sown & Grown. Sown & Grown is greater than the farm or the farmer herself. It is an intention set every day to live compassionately; it is an awareness of the greater world surrounding us; it is a determination to always persevere creating, believing, loving. It is truly an honor and a blessing to have found a new home with the tremendous community at Blackwood. I am eager to introduce y'all to all my friends at our new farmstead over the coming months. We're looking forward to a new chapter of big learning and growth for Sown & Grown, and we are ever so grateful to have y'all by our side.

Thanks for sticking it out with us through this new chapter of Sown & Grown. Adventures await and we look forward to sharing them with y'all.

With love,
Farmer Becca