Mindfully-managed, compassionate farming deep in the heart of Texas.

Farmer Becca at the Sown & Grown production farm, 2015. Photo courtesy of Brendan Lekan.

Always Sown & Grown with love.

Sown & Grown is the philosophy of compassionate agriculture as practiced by Farmer Becca.

We are currently located at Blackwood Educational Land Institute, a mindfully-managed farm located just NW of Houston, TX. Our produce, herbs, and flowers are carefully selected, rooted in compassionate farming practices, and labored over with love. Farmer Becca, who does this laboring, is the maker, the knower, and the grower of all things green and good.

If you were to ask the plants and trees, who is Sown & Grown?,
They might answer, the soil.
If you were to ask the soil, it might answer, all the microorganisms, bacterium fungi protozoa nematodes, living in me.
If you were to ask the bacterium, fungi, protozoa, nematodes, they might say,
the roots of the plants we feed.
If you ask the the roots in the land, they might respond,
all the hearts and hands that volunteer their time.
If you were to ask all the hearts and hands who generously give of their time, they might reply, everything from the sun in the sky to the rains that fall and feed our crops.

If you were to ask Farmer Becca, she would affirm that Sown & Grown is all of the above and so much more, for Sown & Grown is greater than the farm or the farmer herself. It is an intention set every day to live compassionately; it is an awareness of the greater world surrounding us; it is a determination to always persevere creating, believing, loving.

We're sowing and growing good food for a greater world.