Who is Sown & Grown?


Rebecca Verm is a farmer and educator who endeavors everyday to increase local food access in her native city of Houston, TX. She believes that by utilizing agricultural practices grounded in ecological principles and by empowering her community with the knowledge of these practices, we will cultivate resiliency both on our farms and in our society. After pursuing a formal background in philosophy and public policy, she diverged from academic pursuits to study the fine art of soil-stained hands. She worked on several permaculture-based farms, both abroad and in Texas, and now applies those principles in her business.

Science of Soil

All things in nature follow patterns. The interconnection of these patterns form systems which yield the basic structure for life on Earth as we know it. From the cosmic down to the microscopic, these systems and patterns weave an intricate map for us to observe and follow. We’re studying the deeper connections between plants, their root systems, and soil. There’s an entire microcosmic world hard at work bellow our very feet. From nutrient exchange and water holding capacity to flavor and nourishment, these plants and their soil microorganism partners have many stories to teach us. As we learn to understand this connection between life in the soil and our ecosystems, we will learn to cultivate more regenerative practices in our fields and on our lands, perhaps shifting steadily from an attitude of agriculture to agro-stewardship.


Speaking for regenerative agriculture, Blackwood Land 2018. Photo by Cecilia Norman.

Speaking for regenerative agriculture, Blackwood Land 2018.
Photo by Cecilia Norman.

Resiliency Now!

In its current trajectory, humankind faces the grave consequences of decades of ecological destruction. Meaningful change demands action now. Only through empowering individuals with unfettered knowledge and access to appropriate technology will be begin to build lasting resiliency into our communities.

Sown & Grown endeavors every day to promote the practice of regenerative agriculture. We believe that together, by healing our soils and our ecosystems, we will forge a new path toward societal resiliency, one that values the well-being of all living creatures above hubris and profit.

Regenerative agriculture is not for farmers alone. It is for teachers, doctors, artists, chefs, politicians, laborers, scientists, creators, and innovators. It is for young and old. It is for all.